About me


My name is Sophia and I am just starting to explore the world of blogging!  I am in my 30’s and a mum to a very gorgeous little girl who is keeping me busy and on my toes!  When I am not busy with the household chores and an endless pile of ironing I am picking up my camera.

I have always loved being creative, I remember as a child if I wasn’t covered in paint or clay I was trying to build gigantic sculptures out of anything I could find.  Looking back my lovely mum had the patients of a saint!  Thankfully my passions saw me well and I was so incredibly lucky to have be given a place at the very impressive Central Saint Martins, London to study Graphic Design, it didn’t take long before I realised my love for photography and I have worked as a photographer ever since.

Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to various parts of the world and I have such wonderful memories.  I look back at my collection of photographs from my travels and feel so very blessed.  I think the most incredible sight for me was a Whale and her Calf swimming up and down along a deserted beach in Esperance, WA.  She was there for hours splashing around with her calf until they headed off back to the deeper waters.  Stunning.

I am now all settled down and living in Dubai with my amazing family.

So thats just a little insight into me and my life so far.  I could sit and type for hours but that big pile of ironing need attending to!



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