Edible Paint Splatter

So I tried the cake smash when my daughter turned 1 year, it wasn’t as messy or hectic as I had hoped for but she got into it and over indulged in lots to sweet icing and chocolate cake, which was delicious I have to say!

I thought I would try a paint splatter yesterday, she’s 14 months and had a friend along who is nearly 2, could be lots of fun? ┬áIt turns out my little princess does not like mess, which seems odd to me as I love getting stuck in with any art activities, she must be taking after her Daddy where thats concerned!

This was the result, not so bad considering!

Recipe for the edible paint;

1 Cup Corn Flour, Water, 1 Tbsp Sugar, Food Colouring.

Mix the flour, water and sugar until you have a smooth paste, pour into plastic cups, add the food colouring, mix well.


Gorgeous Family Portrait

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, Rowen and their gorgeous boys yesterday for a very special family portrait, their youngest son only 3 weeks old, doesn’t Mummy look great!IMG_5231-Edit








My Newborn

When my little girl was born I could not wait to get her into a studio so I could take some portraits of her, for nine long months I had been searching the internet for images that inspired me. The bubble gum jar is my personal favourite.IMG_0165-Edit-Edit




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